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At Stupika, we all come to work every day because we wish to make construction planning and management hassle free, affordable, and sustainable for our society. Our mission is to help behaviourally alter the Indian residential and commercial construction market into adopting the sustainable architectural practices. We recognize that the construction market suffers from various loopholes due to dearth of smart technology, lack of knowledge and unreliability of contractors. Our potential to effectively deliver on the project timelines and quality supervision have instilled confidence and trust in our clients. Promoting a trend of customs, culture and creativity, we have designed an end-to-end system that addresses all your queries and headaches ultimately improving your overall comfort and customer experience.

Stupika’s team cherry picks the best in each vertical to suit your requirements. Our ideal mix of innovation and experience ensures maximum efficiency in our team.

We have fallen in love with every project that we have designed, built and decorated. Hope to fall in love with your project too!

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Stupika's Philosophy

Our mission to provide the best services in an organized way in a very complex sector. We tend to solve the problem that people are facing in the real estate sector

Our Missions

To continuously build a resilient, agile and capable design business that people want to work with and that is profitable and sustainable.

Our Vision

CURIOUS - Enquiring minds uncovering new insight and skills

ENGAGED - Alive to what people and projects offer

MINDFUL - Tuned into the present moment, focused on the work at hand

Our Values
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Architectural and Planning Services

Top grade material selection

Free consultation from our expert engineers

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100+ Contractors in your city

Construction under Controlled Supervision

Sticking to our timelines

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