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Let’s design and build your dream project - Together

Stupika guides you through every process of construction from Form to Formation with lowest and transparent rates in the market

[ about Stupika ]

Shaping the Future

Turning Wishes into walls, Pixels into places, Lines into landscapes

We call our team a dream team, because not only good education, talent and creative ideas keep us together, one of the most important qualities of our team is cohesion and teamwork!

We’re a highly specialized team of architects, engineers, thinkers and doers. We love to share experiences and accept students for internships.

Our strengths: individual approach to each client, flexibility and speed of decision making, comprehensive approach to your architecture and construction process, thorough research and quality analysis at all project stages, ability to respond quickly to market demands.

[ Challenges]

Why Choose Us?

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Stagnant Productivity Levels

The productivity of construction remains stuck at the same level as it was several years back. Still not using latest technology

Time & Cost Overruns

Inaccurate project estimates and human error leads to 98% Project delay and 80% Cost increased

Safety Issues

Improper safety measures cause fatalities and it increases construction cost upto 10 Lakh Rupees.

High end Market Rates

Expensive architectural and consultation charges often out of budget for Economically Weaker Sections.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

Lack of experienced contractors often with a limited set of experiences

Lack of expert consultation

Absence of proper consultation, due diligence leading to increase in expenses

Gasping On Greens

The construction projects today acts as a burden on future generations. Lack of green, eco-friendly and sustainable planning contributing in a drastic climate change

Get Quality Material

Getting Quality Material Use of Low Quality Materials by builders in order to increase their profits

Timely Completion of Projects

More than 60% of Projects exceed their expected timelines due to absence of proper project management and consultation

[Our Services]

We simplify your Home Building Journey

Architectural and Planning Services

Our experienced architects bring into your notice all the relevant factors that affect maximum utilization of your space and offer you the best proposal possible, brick by brick.

Material Suggestion & Budget Mgmt

Our team ensures that your designs and construction process conform to zoning, building codes, and safety requirements

Bidding and Cost Optimization

Our platform provides you with 50+ contractors and related service providers near your area, giving you a better idea about market rates

Supervised and Quality Assured Construction

We guide you through all the latest home automation and sustainability trends ensuring maximum energy efficiency and resources utilization.

Interior Designing Services

We help you co-create your dream home, choose your favourite materials, furnishings, furniture and lighting as per your distinct tastes

Remodelling and Retrofitting Services

Get expert advice and professionals to remodel your existing project. Check out our specialist solutions for maximum efficiency in your renovation project

What We Have Achieved

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What Our Customers Said

"I was constructed my home in Gomti Nagar, And though a referral, I met guys at Stupika, And they are amazing. From basic structure to interior designing. They did it all in a very professional way "

-- Mr Ashok, Lucknow
"Got constructed my home in Eldeco county, Sonipat. I visited their local office, spoke with them. I like their way of doing work. No hassel, proper time management"

-- Suman Arora, Sonipat
"Got constructed my home in Sonipat. Totally worth working with them, I am going to engage them in another project. "

-- Sagar Kamra, Sonipat

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