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We help you co-create your dream home, choose your favourite materials, furnishings, furniture and lighting as per your distinct tastes


Site Visit & Analysis

Concept Design

Detailed Design

Material Selection

Project management

Execution & Handover

01. Consultation

We start with a consultation to understand your design requirements and preferences, including your budget and timeline

02. Site Visit & Analysis 

Our team will visit your site to access the space and gather essential information required for designing 

03. Concept Designing 

we create a concept design based on the information gathered and present it to you for feedback and approval

04. Detailed Design

Once the concept design is finalized, we proceed with detailed design development that includes architectural plans, 3D elevations and interior design concepts

05. Material Selection

We assist you in selecting the right material for your project including finishes, fixtures & furnishings

06. Project Management

We offer End to End Project Management services to ensure the timely & quality completion of projects

07. Execution & Handover

We oversee the construction and installation process to ensure that the design is executed to perfection and handover the completed project to you

Why Choose Stupika?

We help you co-create your dream home, choose your favourite materials, furnishings, furniture and lighting as per your distinct tastes

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High end Market Rates

Expensive architectural and consultation charges often out of budget for Economically Weaker Sections.

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Reliable Contractors

Less experienced contractors often make evitable expenses, failed standards unlike ours who provide transparency and quality

Get Quality Material

Use of Low Quality Materials by builders to increase their profits increases many risks too. We give highest quality material.

Timely Completion

More than 60% of Projects exceed their expected timelines due to absence of proper project management and consultation

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Shaping the Future

Turning Wishes into walls, Pixels into places, Lines into landscapes

We call our team a dream team, because not only good education, talent and creative ideas keep us together, one of the most important qualities of our team is cohesion and teamwork!

We’re a highly specialized team of architects, engineers, thinkers and doers. We love to share experiences and accept students for internships.

Our strengths: individual approach to each client, flexibility and speed of decision making, comprehensive approach to your architecture and construction process, thorough research and quality analysis at all project stages, ability to respond quickly to market demands.

What We Have Achieved

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Pan India

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